There were good old days?

It has been almost two years since the word Corona — in the virus context — entered our collective vocabulary. For anyone who thought that it would be old news by now, well the joke is on you. Every time we are sure that Israel has things under control and the numbers of infected are falling, along comes a new variant to dash our hopes for the good old days.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s getting a lot more difficult to remember the good old days.

On a positive note Israel is now offering its senior citizens a second booster — better known as the fourth shot! Whether it will provide enough protection has yet to be determined. Omicron has been a very tricky adversary.

However, in typical Israeli fashion, we are still living in interesting times. Jews worldwide are rethinking their living situations with a whole new degree of urgency.  And since you are here on our home page we hope that means you are tax planning for your aliyah.

First of all …. congratulations. As far as we are concerned there is never a bad time to make aliyah. We know it’s a big decision (we have all done it) but if done properly it could prove to be one of the best decisions you ever make. Making aliyah is not like moving around the corner; there are many factors you will have to consider before you move.

Where are you going to live? What kind of schools do you want for your children? Are you going to work in Israel or are you going to commute (that’s actually a ridiculous question right now)? Are your financial matters in order? How can you keep the most money in your pocket?

Here’s a little known fact: if your financial plans are in order, your aliyah is going to be a lot smoother. HCC International Services Ltd. specializes in helping people leave their countries of origin with the least amount of financial impact and capitalize on the financial benefits offered to them by the State of Israel. We have helped people from Australia, Belgium, Canada, the UK, and the US to make aliyah successfully.

Obviously there are other factors as well but proper financial planning is essential to a successful aliyah. The number one reason people choose not to make aliyah is because of financial uncertainties. And the number one reason aliyot fail is because of financial constraints.

HCC International Services Ltd. are aliyah tax consultants and we want to help you have the best possible aliyah.  We can’t help you with the corona virus but we can take care of your aliyah tax planning. Contact us at

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