What are the special campaign criteria?

Conditions for receiving “returning resident” status according to the Government decision for the purposes of the campaign for persons that resided overseas for five years and up:

  1. They are an Israeli citizen who returned to Israel between May 16, 2010 and September 3, 2012.
  2. At the time of their return to Israel they were at least 17 years old.
  3. They were formerly an Israeli resident
  4. Residence abroad – They resided abroad for at least five years
  5. Visits to Israel – Visits to Israel, either consecutive, or cumulative, during the five years prior to return to Israel, may total no more than 4 months during each year of residence abroad. A visit that begins in one year and continues without interruption into the next year will be considered one visit.
  6. Employment overseas – The returning resident and/or his/her spouse were not sent by or not employed overseas by any of the bodies listed below (unless five years have elapsed since the end of such employment):
    • The State of Israel
    • Any authority of the State of Israel (including government companies)
    • The World Zionist Organization or any of its institution
    • The Jewish Agency for Israel
    • The Jewish National Fund
    • The Keren Hayesod
    • The United Jewish Appeal
    • The State of Israel Bonds
  7. Military/national/civil service – Either the returning resident, or their spouse (who is also a returning resident) performed military or national or civil service in Israel; or both spouses received an exemption from military service for reasons of age, or because the woman is married, pregnant, is the mother of a child, or for reasons of health, or because of service in a foreign army.
  8. They did not previously receive assistance as a returning resident from the Ministry of Absorption.
  9. They did not receive any assistance as a new immigrant from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption during the previous two years

An immigrant who extends their eligibility (not within their first year with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption) and returns to Israel during the determined period, can choose between benefits as a new immigrant that extended their period of rights, and benefits as a “returning resident,” such as a refund of special payment to the National Insurance Institute, on condition that they meet the criteria of a returning resident that resided overseas for five years. In order to take advantages of benefits as a returning resident, it is necessary to sign a declaration in the presence of a personal absorption counselor at nearest the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption branch or district office.  You may sign a statement of renunciation of extension of benefits and file the request in Israel only.